Your North Star Inspector is:

  • Weathertightness Qualified
  • Bank Approved
  • Registered NZIBI member.

North Star Inspections has years of Building and Weathertightness expertise, combined with specialist moisture detection tools offering recommendations, comprehensive reports, and peace of mind.

Water ingression has the potential to cause major deterioration problems and if left undetected without remediation can lead to structural extensive damage, health problems, and be very expensive to repair.

“You picking up those issues that the other building inspection missed, really meant I dodged a bullet. For the sake of $…. your work has saved me at least $50,000, a great payback ratio in anyone’s books

Testimonial by Evan

Pre-purchase Weathertightness Inspections

A Weathertightness Inspection report provides:

  • Interior percentage readings for each room.
  • Details of moisture ingression findings.
  • Inspection of all wet room fittings.
  • Photos highlighting defects.
  • Comments on the suspected causation and remediation recommendations.
  • Exterior assessment of potential water ingression risks, and/or shortcomings.
99.9% moisture content

Moisture Issues (Watertightness and Weathertightness)

All claddings types are at risk of Weathertightness failures; not just plaster homes. Cladding junctions are vulnerable and prone to ingression if not maintained or the design and build detail is weak. Joinery junctions, pipe penetrations, deck fixings, roof flashings, ground contact, or even within the joinery itself are all risk areas. Many homes have suffered severe water ingression and damage from tiled deck failures.

Common interior damages are a result of plumbing and shower failures and joinery condensation channel drain blockages.

Good exterior maintenance (keep painted and sealed), keeping joinery drain holes clear of dust and debris, and the home well ventilated goes a long way to reducing the chance of water ingression.

Combine your Weathertightness Inspection with Thermal Imaging 


Highly recommended for plaster homes.
The Infrared camera is an added tool which compliments and expands our ability to locate moisture and ingress points.

The infrared camera assists the weathertightness inspector and greatly raises the detection percentage.

Invasive Weathertightness Investigation Surveys for properties with known issues.

For leaking residential homes and commercial properties with current water ingress issues.

  • The survey will involve the utilisation of invasive and non-invasive Inspection tools to help identify the extent of the ingress issues.
  • Infrared thermography helps locate possible ingress and source locations.
  • Investigation to ascertain the possible weathertightness causation.
  • Exterior survey to assess potential weathertightness defects or risks.
  • Documentation of our findings in a comprehensive report.
  • Invasive investigations and timber sampling may be required in some areas.