Your North Star Inspections Inspector is a Weathertightness Qualified and Bank Approved Building Surveyor; Registered member NZIBI.

North Star Inspections has years of Building and Weathertightness expertise combined with our specialist moisture detection tools offers a Peace of Mind with their comprehensive inspection.

Water ingression in a property is a major problem and if left undetected can potentially causing structural damage, health problems, and be very expensive to repair.

Testimonial by Evan. “You picking up those issues that the other building inspection missed, really meant I dodged a bullet. For the sake of $…. your work has saved me at least $50,000, a great payback ratio in anyone’s books

Pre-purchase Weathertightness Inspections.

A Weathertightness Inspection report provides:

  • Interior percentage readings for each room.
  • Details of findings.
  • An inspection of all wet room fittings
  • Photos highlighting defects
  • Investigation of suspected causation
  • Recommendations.
  • Exterior assessment of potential weathertightness risks and or shortcoming in regards to the roof, gutters, penetrations, joinery, cladding, flashings, ground clearance, and decks, etc.

Moisture Issues
(Watertightness and Weathertightness).

Moisture issues can affect all cladding types, most people believe it is just plaster homes but this is not the case. More exterior maintenance can impact on all homes.
Generally it is not the cladding that is failing but where the cladding is penetrated; such as the joinery junctions, pipe penetrations, deck fixings, roof flashings, and ground contact.
Failure can even be within the joinery itself. A good deal of damage occurs from blocked window internal drainage holes and opening channel mitres. This can be compounded by poor ventilation.

Other high risk areas are direct fixed tiled decks over a membrane.

Common interior failure is damage from showers, the seals shrinks, fixings are not secured or sealed correctly, the waterproofing has failed and grout becomes more porous. The unseen damage can be extensive.

So know your property or the property you are buying – Get an Inspection today!

Combine your Weathertightness Inspection with Thermal Imaging.  

Highly recommended for plaster homes.
Whether you are purchasing a plaster home or just wish to know if your current home has any issues. Then the Weathertightness Inspection with Thermal Imaging is for you!
The Infrared camera is an added tool which complements and expands our ability to locate moisture and ingress point.

The infrared camera assists the weather tightness inspector and greatly raises the detection percentage. We look to provide advice on what will need to be done to prevent further ingression and what other steps need to be taken.

Intermittent Isolated Leaks

Do you have a leak that only comes in when it rains, or when the wind blows from one direction?
Maybe it’s a leak from a downlight that hasn’t happen before or a leak you just can’t locate.
Call North Star Inspections – this is our specialty.

Invasive Weathertightness & Moisture Ingress Investigation Surveys for properties with known issues.

For leaking homes or commercial properties with ingress issues.

  • The survey will involve the utilisation of invasive and non-invasive Inspection tools to help identify the extent of the ingress issues.
  • Moisture content readings will be taken extensively throughout the property under windows, at various wall height levels, and in all external corners.
  • This is a methodological and time-consuming process but very necessary.
  • Infrared thermography will also be utilised to help locate possible ingress and source locations.
  • Any areas where moisture is detected will be investigated to ascertain the weathertightness causation.
  • A weathertightness survey of the exterior will be performed to assess potential weathertightness defects or risks.
  • All findings will be documented in a report upon which a scope of works can be prepared.
  • More in-depth invasive investigations and timber sampling may be required in some areas.