Infrared/ Thermal Imagery

Thermal Image under a ceiling showing ingression around the perimeter

For a Pre-purchase, Pre-sale inspection or Leak Detection the Infrared provides a more in-depth inspection complimenting the weathertightness inspection process.  the infrared camera is able to scan larger expanse of areas, where moisture not visible to the naked eye, may be present.  And with years of Infrared and Weathertightness expertise the North Star Inspections team are skilled at identifying water ingress issues in building both residential and commercial.

Infrared (Thermal Imaging) is invaluable in detecting Moisture anomalies in areas such as:

  • The rear of the building frame
  • Pools of water  in the ceiling (roof leaks)
  • Under decks (deck failure)
  • Below showers (shower waterproofing failure).
    Often these areas have no visible signs that water is present.  


The Infrared Inspection:Leak from deck above-Weathertightness

  • The Infrared camera scans walls and ceilings  – non invasive
  •  Moisture meters take moisture content readings throughout the property.
  • Investigation of all thermal anomalies and high moisture readings.
  • Photos and Thermograms recording any shortcomings.
  • A full exterior Weathertightness  Inspection.
  • Specification of any possible weathertightness shortcomings or failure mechanisms.
  • A full  North Star Inspections report including photos, suspected causation and recommendations is provided.


Leak Detection

With our years of Leak Detection, Infrared experience and invaluable detection tools; repair and resolutions can just an investigation away. Roof leaking detect in the ceiling around a skylight-WeathertightnessSo if you believe you have a leak…whether from water ingress from the exterior or an internal problem, before you go cutting holes in many locations – Contact us.


What Thermal Imaging adds to a Weathertightness Inspection

The North Star Inspections Infrared Inspection is used in-combination with the Weathertightness inspection, meaning we provide a more comprehensive moisture inspection of both the Interior and Exterior. Not just detecting moisture but looking for potential exterior shortcomings.  Because at North Star Inspections  we believe it’s not enough to know water is present. But why and what needs to be done about it. So during the Weathertightness Inspection all highlighted anomalies are investigated and extensive moisture meter monitoring undertaken in order to locate the cause/source of the weathertightness or watertightness failure.


What a Weathertightness Inspections adds to Thermal Imaging

Infrared camera imaging is just one tool that helps us achieve an in-depth Weathertightness Inspection but it should not be promoted  as a stand-alone inspection tool as there are many areas the camera can not access due to stored items and  compounding elements  and other inspection tools are required.  So don’t be fooled by companies claiming that Infrared camera imaging is a standalone building or moisture solution…it’s not; but it is an exceptional tool in the detection process.


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