Meth Test

North Star Inspections can arrange a Meth Test.

What have you done to satisfy yourself that the property you are buying is not contaminated with Meth?  Meth Test!

We can organize a Meth Test to be performed upon request when booked with a building or weathertightness Inspection.

  • Meth contamination is rarely visible
  • Meth labs operate in all suburbs, all over New Zealand.
  • Property contaminated by meth poses serious health risks. Are you willing to compromise the well-being of people living in your property?
  • Decontaminating a property can cost tens of thousands of dollars. How would you fund clean up?
  • If the property is badly contaminated, it may need to be demolished
  • Insurance cover for decontamination of the newly acquired property is unlikely
  • Property with a meth history will typically sell below market rates. Are you paying too much?
  • Loss of rental income while decontamination occurs
  • Tenants are being awarded compensation as a result of living in a contaminated property.

The Meth Testing Laboratory turnaround time normally take around 3 working days, so if considering having a Meth Test do not leave this till the last minute.