About Us

With heart and dedication, the dynamic duo of Mark & Julie Paterson (Sherlock & Watson) at North Star Inspections have been extending their expert Building and Weathertightness Inspections since 2005. Their journey is one of commitment, where they’ve nurtured a stellar reputation for detailed inspections, dependable service, profound know-how, and comprehensive, clear reports. They ensure that these reports are not just thorough but also promptly delivered within 24 hours, and quite often on the very day of the inspection.

Reliable and easy to work with their service quality has resulted in a strong reputation and numerous referrals to friends and family. Choosing North Star Inspections means entrusting your building inspection needs to a company that truly cares.

Based in the North Shore, North Star Inspections extends its services across the Greater Auckland, North Shore, and Rodney regions.

Mark’s origins as a builder, his later transition into a qualified Building Inspector (2005), his affiliation with the NZIBI, and fulfilling the Banks’ Weathertightness criteria, is a testament to his thorough and reliable service. Carrying Professional Indemnity Insurance, Mark delivers peace of mind alongside his expertise. Julie brings her invaluable insight in building and project management to the table, complemented by her proficiency in Infrared scanning, a skill she has been honing since 2006.

Choosing North Star Inspections means placing your trust in individuals who not only excel in their field but also resonate with the concerns and aspirations of their clients, offering a comforting assurance that your property is in caring and capable hands.

Our commitment

Right from the start, through every meticulous inspection we perform, and in the strong ties we forge with customers, partners, and industry experts, we champion a robust standard of excellence. Our commitment is unwavering and it infuses every layer of our inspection services with confidence. We stand tall on our foundational inspection principles, which are the cornerstone of our esteemed identity and the trust we command.

  • Home Purchasers
  • Home Sellers
  • Family and friends of the above 
  • Builders
  • Landlords and Tenants
  • Housing companies/ New Owners – Pre-settlement reports
  • Lawyers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Banks
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Banks 
  • Insurance Companies